buy Marijuana online Wyoming, Marijuana is increasingly being used for medicinal and recreational purposes. As its popularity continues to grow, many states have relaxed the penalties for possession of marijuana, or even legalized it entirely.

Yet Wyoming and the federal government still have strict laws in place that criminalize possession of marijuana.

If you use marijuana in Wyoming, it is important that you understand the potential consequences and what could happen if you are charged with and convicted of possession of marijuana.buy Marijuana online in Wyoming

Is Marijuana Legal in Wyoming?

Even though marijuana has been legalized in many of the states around Wyoming, possession of marijuana is still illegal in Wyoming. Possession of marijuana is also illegal at the federal level.buy Marijuana online in Wyoming

What Are the Penalties for Possession of Marijuana in Wyoming?

If you are found in possession of marijuana, you face serious penalties that can include fines and jail time. The severity of the punishment will depend on the amount of marijuana in your possession, whether you are charged with simple possession or possession with intent to distribute, and, in some cases, where you were when you were found to be in possession of marijuana.

Wyoming penalties for possession of marijuana are as follows:

Criminal Charge Misdemeanor / Felony Max. Fine Jail Time
Under the Influence Misdemeanor $750 6 months
Possession Less Than 3 oz. Misdemeanor $1,000 12 months
Possession More than 3 oz. Felony $10,000 5 years
Possession with Intent to Distribute Felony $10,000 10 years
Possession of Paraphernalia Misdemeanor $750 6 months
Possession within 500 Feet of a School Additional $500

Under Wyoming law, there is a significant difference between simple possession of marijuana and possession with intent to distribute. If you are in possession of a large amount of marijuana and also have paraphernalia that may be used to package and sell marijuana, like scales and baggies, you may be charged with possession with intent. Police officers may also seize your phone and search it for text messages that show you are selling marijuana.

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Does Wyoming Recognize Exceptions for Medicinal Use?

Wyoming does not currently recognize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

The only exception is for registered people who have intractable epilepsy or seizure disorders. These individuals are permitted to use hemp or marijuana extracts with less than .3% THC and at least 5% CBD by weight.

Will the Police Take Your Marijuana?

Even if you only have a small amount of marijuana in your possession, the police can (and will) take it and destroy it. They will also confiscate any marijuana paraphernalia (such as rolling papers, bongs, or pipes) that they find in your possession at the time of your arrest.

What Are Possible Defenses to Charges of Marijuana Possession?

If you have been charged with possession of marijuana or another drug crime in Wyoming, it is critical that you hire a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. A conviction for possession of marijuana can have a profound effect on your life and may make it more difficult to rent a home, find a job, or qualify for a loan.

Depending on the circumstances of your case, your lawyer may be able to argue that the police violated your Fourth Amendment rights by performing an illegal search, that the substance in your possession was not actually marijuana, that there were flaws in the testing that was done to prove that the substance in your possession was marijuana, or that the marijuana was not yours.

At Just Criminal Law, our experienced criminal defense team will review your situation to identify any holes in the prosecution’s case. We can use these shortcomings to negotiate a favorable plea bargain or have the charges against you reduced or even dropped entirely.

Christina L. Williams: Your Defense Against Marijuana Charges

If you have been charged with possession of marijuana or possession with intent, you need an experienced criminal defense team on your side to defend you against the charges and protect your rights. Our team will investigate the circumstances of your arrest and the nature of the charges against you, explain the potential consequences of a conviction, protect your rights, and defend you in court.

The team at Just Criminal Law will carefully analyze the circumstances of your arrest to determine how best to challenge the charges against you. We will also investigate potential defenses, such as arguing that the drugs were not yours, that the search and seizure were illegal, that the substance in your possession was not marijuana, or that the test was conducted improperly.

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  1. Isil says:

    Cannabis is a human rights issue. I disregard any and all laws focused on relieving me of my right to treat myself as I deem necessary. I experience, and have for 35 years, chronic illness. I endured it, I cold turkey’d fentanyl. I take no medicine now. I use cannabis each day. I am disappointed in the lack of critical thinking skills and imagination in medicine. I, at one time, admired the field. My son is a physician. Because I have received inadequate treatment, rife with predjudice, I maintain my right to treat myself, in pursuit of happiness, freedom, and the right to function.

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